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Monitoring people's health with a new wearable sensor

wrist sensor


Recently, North Carolina State University scientists have developed a new wearable sensor that people can wear around their wrists to monitor their health by analyzing their sweat.

By collecting data, such sensors can provide scientists with a lot of information about the human body, so they are always an interesting and exciting topic for scientists. The aforementioned wearable sensor works by measuring metabolites in our sweat. Components participating in cellular metabolism (metabolism) are called metabolites. In fact, metabolites are intermediate compounds and metabolic products of living cells and usually refer exclusively to small molecules participating in cellular metabolism.

During this study, American researchers decided to develop a wristwatch-like sensor that can track a person's body chemistry in the present as a way to identify health problems. This sensor has a replaceable product strip on its underside and by wearing this sensor on the wrist, the chemical sensors embedded in this device collect sweat data and enter it into the hardware system inside the device, and this device then stores the data. processes and sends the results to the user's smartphone.

Michael Daniele, one of the researchers of this study, said: This device is the size of a normal wristwatch, but it contains analytical equipment equivalent to four compact electrochemistry devices that are currently used to measure metabolite levels in the laboratory.

When users wear the sensor around their wrist, the device can measure glucose, lactate, pH, and temperature in a person's sweat.

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