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An electronic circuit is made by putting together several electronic parts. These types of circuits have different types that can be categorized from very simple to complex. In other words, a wire that connects the two sides of the battery is an electronic circuit, and many printed circuit boards that are used in different parts of computers are also considered electronic circuits. In general, it can be said that components such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits or ICs, transistors are considered to be the most widely used parts of electronic circuits. Circuits are designed and built based on the purpose and final application, and a fixed version cannot be considered for all of them. Now the question arises that the difference between the electronic circuit and  printed circuit board What are the points that Arya Madar arjomand company is their designer and producer?


Simple electronic circuit

The difference between electronic circuit and printed circuit board

The printed circuit board, which is called PCB. pcb It is also said that they consist of a plate, which is made of insulating materials, and on these plates, copper paths are used for the passage of currents, and finally, the required parts are also placed on this plate, but the electronic circuit is only It does not have these features and it was mentioned above that they have very simple types as well. With these explanations, it can be said that the printed circuit board is under the electronic circuits.


Aryamadar printed circuit board order

How to buy quality electronic circuit?

The printed circuit board, which is one of the types of electronic circuits, has very complex types, so it is not easy to ask where to buy an electronic circuit. First, you need to define the desired type of circuit and then proceed to buy it. In fact, the correct question is, for example, where can I get the electronic circuit kit?
An electronic kit alone is a collection of parts (mechanical or electronic) that has various modules and sensors. Using kits, you can finally have an ideal circuit. The truth is that in Iran, there are all kinds of kits, for example, DIY kits, Arduino kits, Raspberry Pi kits, robotic kits, etc., which manufacturers buy based on their budget, which means buying quality parts. Better is possible by paying more. Simple and handmade kits are mostly used for training, but complex kits and advanced printed circuits are used in the manufacture of electronic devices. In this regard, even kits just for training teenagers and familiarizing themselves with how electronic devices work are prepared and in the store. are sold.
So, the answer to the question is that based on the type of circuit you want and the budget and quality, you can buy the circuit from the suppliers. It is recommended to use reputable sellers who guarantee the quality of the product. If you are based in Tehran, Amjad Jumoori Passage is the right place to get these products.


Buy electronic circuit

Types of electronic circuits

Electronic circuits can be divided into two main categories: digital electronics and analog circuits. The first category are typically larger categories and include digital signals, but analog circuits work with signals that have a set of levels, unlike digital circuits that often have 2 levels. In fact, analog electronics are electronic systems with continuous variable signals, the term "analog" indicates a proportional relationship between a signal and the voltage or current that leads to the signal. It is good to know that the word analog is derived from the Greek word αναλογος (analogos) meaning "proportionate".


Types of electronic circuits

Arya Madar electronics and services

Arya Madar Arjomand is one of the largest manufacturers of printed circuit boards tehran, which is one of the most widely used parts of circuits. Arya Madar Group guides and accompanies you in all stages of selection by providing free consultation, completely free ordering, cost estimation in the shortest possible time, online and telephone services. Get in touch with us using the communication methods listed on the website.


Buy electronic circuit

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