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Price of printed circuit board

What is the price of printed circuit board design? A frequent question that needs to consider several factors. In this section of Arya Madar, we are honored to open the issue of how to calculate the price of printed circuit boards and answer your questions.

Calculating the price of printed circuit design and production

Those who register their desired printed circuit boards from the Arjomand printed circuit board order department, the pricing process on their order will be announced as soon as possible, and if there are any questions, our colleagues will respond in person and by phone. And all the factors that explain the final price of the desired item, however, there are always factors that have a direct impact on the price of printed circuit boards, which are:

length and width (board dimensions)


Minimum drilling size

Minimum track width

The distance or clearance
of the desired final coating
is the thickness of the copper,
the number of layers,

the thickness of the board (in cm)
and plating.
It should be noted that none of the printed circuit boards produced by Arya Madar Arjomand are of poor quality, even if you order the cheapest type of boards, you will enjoy good quality. All the stages of designing and producing the boards are done automatically here, which minimizes the amount of human error and the standard quality is observed. Also, in case of any possible problems or dissatisfaction, the boards are replaced, so you can be sure that the cost What you do for your order is completely fair.
One of the factors that affects the price is the type of PCBs, which we will discuss more in this section.


Types of printed circuits

Material of printed circuit board

The material of printed circuit boards can be divided into 4 main parts and they are:

Fiber printed circuit board

Fiber or FR4 is one of the most common types of printed circuit boards that are used in most electronic devices. They choose fiber because it has a reasonable price and makes the product durable, it also has a lot of flexibility during assembly, and it can be said that it is completely reliable.


Fiber printed circuit board

Aluminum printed circuit board

Aluminum printed circuit boards are also widely used, and most of them are used in lighting electronic industries. Those who care about the environment can choose aluminum boards, which are suitable in this regard, and also have a light weight and high heat transfer. It goes without saying that the lifespan of aluminum printed circuits is also high.


Aluminum printed circuit board

Semi-fiber printed circuit board

Half fiber or CEM is one of your other choices for printed circuit material. It is known that fiberglass has a much higher quality than semi-fiber, but due to the saving in price and cost of goods, semi-fiber is also used. Half fiber is a good choice when you want to have a one-layer board, the quality of which is higher than that of bones and it is cheap. Semi-fibers generally have clean V-CUT cuts and have a beautiful appearance, as well as better quality than their bone counterparts.


Half-bone printed circuit board

Bone printed circuit

Bone material or FR1 or phenolic is also used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, the main reason for their use is the cheap price. Most cheap electronic devices use bone boards in them, and this material is for single-layer boards. In fact, in other words, it can be said that there is no cheaper than bone printed circuit boards at the moment. You might imagine that bone boards are of bad quality and that's why their prices are low, but the main reason is that the work in circuit design is limited because clean cuts and holes are not created on these circuits. In Iran, these types of printed circuit boards are mostly used in products such as adapters, and this makes the finished price of these products competitive.
According to the explanations given, bone printed circuits have a lower price than fibers, they are also used for single-layer boards and are used for mass production.

Bone printed circuit board

How to calculate the price of printed circuit board?

Just click on the link to order the printed circuit board tehran and enter the specifications of the circuit board in your opinion so that the price is calculated and provided to you.

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