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Printed circuit technologies

PBC printed circuit technologies

The parts holder or the printed circuit boards is a part for keeping the parts and the communication routes between them, which is finally mounted on a non-conductive surface, which is often made of fiber. Arya Madar Arjomand is a manufacturer of printed circuits, from the printed circuit order section you can get detailed information about the circuits of this company and share your questions about the prices with us, but in this section we would like to introduce you to Let's introduce PBC technologies. If you are also facing the problem of quality printed circuit boards and want to get your desired printed circuit board at a reasonable price, then stay with us..

Standard printed circuit board

There is no standard printed circuit and the boards are made according to the needs, but in 1957, the IPC standard was used by the manufacturers of electronic components so that everything can be done safely in the design and production stages. To better understand this issue, consider the example The default PCB standard is IPC-A-600 Class II and the default PCBA printed circuit assembly standard is IPC-A-610.

Printed circuit technologies

All stages of design to production of Arya Madar printed circuit boards are done without human intervention and completely automatically, and engineers are responsible for monitoring the quality of the project and ensuring the satisfaction of the customer's order. But for your information, it is good to know that the most common software used in this field are:
Altium Designer DXP, Ads, Diptrack, Cadence OrCad PCB Designer, Eagle, and Si8000m.
If we want to categorize printed circuit boards based on the number of layers, we can mention double-layer, single-layer, and multi-layer. become

Printed circuit board technologies

Printed circuit board, which we call PCB for short, is made in different ways and using different technologies, the restrictions in Iran have added to the problems of using them, however, they are:
Conventional rigid (Rigid) with FR4 material,
flexible (Flexi) and flexible-rigid (Flexi-Rigid),
Buried & Blind Via,
Controlled Impedance,
Sequential builds,
Copper-Invar, Copper / Invar / Copper,
Radio Microwave / RF)
Heat sink Bonding
Micro Via)
Aluminum (Aluminum

The most widely used printed circuits

Aluminum printed circuit,
flexible printed circuit,
printed circuit with high heat transfer,
Rogers boards
, hard printed circuit, or ordinary
printed circuit, buried printed circuit,
impedance control printed circuit


In the future articles of Arya Madar Arjomand, we will introduce each and every printed circuit board. (PCB iran)

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