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What should be considered for ordering a printed circuit board?

When ordering a printed circuit board (PCB), there are several factors that should be considered

Making a printed circuit board

There are several ways to make a printed circuit board or PCB, and you should choose one of them based on the complexity of the desired printed circuit and the ..

Price of printed circuit board

A frequent question that needs to consider several factors. In this section of Arya Madar, we are honored to open the issue of how to calculate the price of pri..

Order printed circuit board

Printed circuit board or printed circuit Printed Circuit Board, also known as PCB, is one of the most important connections in electronic components.

Buy electronic circuit

An electronic circuit is made by putting together several electronic parts. These types of circuits have different types that can be categorized from very simpl..

Design of switching circuits

Nowadays, in most electrical appliances such as audio and video appliances, various types of chargers, computer power supplies and inverters, switching circuits..

The final cover of the printed circuit board

If you open any of the electronics, most likely with a PCB or printed circuit board You will encounter because it is one of the most used parts in Electricity a..

Printed circuit kit

Arya Madar Arjomand Company It is a provider of all kinds of printed circuit boards, which, as you can see on the following website, is possible Online ordering..

Electricity and electronics

Arya Madar Arjomand Company is considered one of the top actors in the field of electricity and electronics in the country

Fiber printed circuit board

Printed circuit board fiber is one of the factors affecting the price of printed circuit boards, their type and quality, and in this regard, we often hear the t..

Altium Designer or Protel

Arya Madar Arjomand uses Altium in the design and production of electronic circuits, so in this part we will introduce you to it more.


Electronics is the study and use of electrical devices that work by controlling the flow of electrons or other electrically charged particles in devices such as..

Monitoring people's health with a new wearable sensor

Recently, North Carolina State University scientists have developed a new wearable sensor that people can wear around their wrists to monitor their health by an..

Printed circuit technologies

The parts holder or the printed circuit boards is a part for keeping the parts and the communication routes between them, which is finally mounted on a non-cond..

Investigating the performance of thick copper PCBs

PCB is one of the types of parts that are used in electronic systems, especially electronic systems that have low voltage. Thick copper PBCs are types of PBs th..