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Order printed circuit board

Making a printed circuit board

Printed Circuit Board, also known as PCB, is one of the most important connections in electronic components. A printed circuit board consists of many parts that can change according to the type of use. Arya Madar, with a powerful team consisting of electrical and electronic engineers, robotics, programmers, etc., was able to become one of the largest manufacturers of printed circuit boards. to become a printed circuit board in Iran. It is possible to order printed circuit boards completely online on the following website, and factors such as the quality of used parts and delivered parts, very high speed in order price estimation, fast production, return of goods in case of any possible problem, answering in person, by phone and Online questions are some of the advantages of ordering printed circuit boards online from Arya madar.


Arya madar printed circuit board order

Steps to order Arya Madar printed circuit board

As mentioned, all the steps of placing an order for printed circuits in Arya Madar are online, but these steps can be divided into several main parts, which are: order receipt and review, order schematic design, selection of suitable parts, PCB design, Prototyping, printed circuit board testing and detailed troubleshooting, board production and order sending.

Printed circuit design

After placing the order, Arya Madar team engineers will check the order and choose the best route to get you to the desired part.

Selection of printed circuit parts

Each printed circuit, considering the type of function, needs special parts, and at this stage, the appropriate parts are selected, which will have a direct effect on the price of the custom printed circuit board.

Printed circuit PCB design

In this part, the most important point is to consider the priorities of the customer, in the sense that according to the priority of quality, price, time, etc., PCB design is done.

Making a printed circuit board sample

Prototyping is done in the next stage after supplying parts and assembly begins. In Arya Madar, all these steps are done automatically.

Printed circuit testing and troubleshooting

In Arya Madar, the boards are diagnosed several times, one of which is after the prototype is made. If you have the experience of using Arya Madar boards, you will be sure of the quality and absence of defects in the circuits.

Production of printed circuit board

After testing and ensuring the correct functioning of the parts, Arya Madar has the possibility of mass production of printed circuits (pcb iran) and the circuits are produced to order.


printed circuit board

Arya Madar board order price

One of the frequently asked questions of your dear ones is related to the price of printed circuits. You must know that the boards need to be priced because their use, necessary parts, etc. are different from each other. Therefore, in case of placing an order for any brand, you need to price your special order. Note that determining the price of an order for printed circuit boards is a time-consuming process, and we were able to reduce this time to the minimum amount, and even many orders are provided to you in less time than the one mentioned. We recommend that if you are looking for a cheap printed circuit board, try your luck at Arya Madar to see the quality of this product once and for all.

Advantages of ordering a printed circuit board from Arya Madar

We review some of the advantages of printed circuit boards manufactured by Arya Madar in this section: high
variety in the final coating of the board (including hot air, etc.)
Solders are equipped with various types of cutters,
high durability of Arya Madar,
fast and accurate assembly ,
reasonable cost and price,
fully mechanized production,
supervision by an expert engineering team,
a staff of experts, and very active customer affairs,
direct and immediate production,

fast shipping,
the possibility of online visibility, order steps,
access to records Finance of each ordering person
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