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About Arya Madar Arjomand Company

Arya Madar Arjomand Company is a capable group in the production of printed circuit boards (PCB Design Companies in iran) and one of the pioneers in this field in Iran. This brand started working professionally since 1996 and continued working in a new collection since 2019.


Now we are proud that with an advanced factory in Shenzar industrial town and the company of more than 60 specialized personnel, we have minimized human intervention in the production process. We are aware of the fact that human intervention in industrial production will always cause human error to increase, so with the procurement of external devices in 2021, the production process of printed circuit boards was updated fully automatically.

One of the greatest privileges of Arya Madar Arjomand Group is the use of an electrical test device, by which all the notes and tracks are matched with the file you send to bring the ultimate satisfaction. We dare to say that Arjomand is the leader in the production of multi-layer printed circuit boards in Iran, the speed of delivery of goods has distinguished it from other peers, and we hope that with your hundred percent satisfaction, we can continue to progress in this direction.
The up-to-date management of Mr. Hamidreza Khalil Arjomandi, intelligent data analysis, the use of experienced and dynamic forces and the use of advanced and the most modern devices have gone hand in hand so that today we are ready to serve in a working environment mixed with sincerity and science.

We at Arya Madar Arjomand have been and will always be supporters of inventors and students, and by providing face-to-face consultation at the central store, located in Amjad Passage, Tehran, or by telephone conversation with the announced lines, we will discover your real needs and provide the best suggestions. Customer orientation is the first priority of the honorable Arya Madar team and will always be one of our concerns. We always respond to your comments and criticisms.